Presentations for IICST 2021 (Video Format)

The method of research presentation will be by video. Each presenter should prepare a video of her or his presentation, post it on a public online resource (e.g. as an mp4 file on YouTube), and send the video’s URL to the conference the organizers at .

The deadline for submission of the URL is Oct 27. Presenters must reconfirm the link and video are viewable by October 30, after which the presentation links will be released to all participants. The length of the presentation should be 12 minutes (±1 minute). When preparing the video, please make sure that all presentation slides are not distorted while the presenter’s voice is clearly heard. It is recommended (but not required) to show the presenter in the bottom-right corner of presentation slides in the video.

All conference participants will be asked to please view the video presentations before the technical sessions begin. During the conference, each presenter will have an allotted time in online technical sessions to respond to questions and comments, including those from the Program Committee, about the research presented.

Submissions for IICST 2021

The sumbission period for papers to IICST has ended. Thank you to everyone who contributed a submission!

IICST 2021 submissions were through the Easy Chair system. Please use the follwing link to access the IICST 2021 Easy Chair Call for Papers page:
IICST CFP on Easy Chair

Submissions must use the .docx template. Please do not tinker with the template parameters such as line spacing, page borders, font sizes, and so on.